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Road to $100k+ annual income

This illustrates a road map to $100,000 a year commission income. Its important to understand the assumptions that are made. First, making one new sale per day is the standard this slide assumes. It also assumes an average size sale of the agency. How to achieve one average size sale per day is the covered in the mastery section on the last page.


The graph assumes a learning curve. It also assumes you’ve implemented a marketing plan that generates enough leads to convert into one sale a day. In the first month it show 5 sales and by the fourth month 20 sales (one sale a day). Growth in the four key areas of this business (Marketing, Sales, Education and Administration) is what will improve performance from 5 to 20 new sales a month. Some new producers bring experience to the table that allow for faster growth. Most new producers will take longer than 3 months to get to one new sell a day. This is mostly due to commercial insurance being a completely new venture.  

One new sale per day, for two years, gets you to $100,000 annual income.

Average commission per new sale
= $300

Average commission per renewal

 = $250

Year 1

250 new sales x $300 = $75,000

Year 1 assumptions: 


Once you have reached the one sale a day milestone and are writing average size sales you will make about $75,000 on those accounts over the next year. Another important assumption to understand is some commissions are paid as earned and some are paid up front. This has to do with the various carriers commission payment structures. Be sure to understand the difference between agency bill and direct bill. 

Year 2

250 new sales x $300 = $75,000

187* renewals x $250 = $46,750



250 new sales x $300 = $75,000

$60,875 (If others write it for you - Concierge Program)

* Renewals based on 75% renewal rate

Year 2 assumptions: 


In the second year you continue to write one new sale a day plus you renew 75% of your prior years sales. Renewal percentage tends to go up over the years as your book of business matures. 


The year 2 slide also references the Concierge Program. This program allows you to do the marketing and letting other Orr producers write it for you. This program opens up opportunity to build your book even as you are still learning. You may use this for all your accounts or just some of your accounts. We have producers that specialize in certain classes of business they write. All other policy types they will use others to write it. Even when others write it you will remain in control of the account.

Developing a team of Producers

Develop one $100k producer (earn $30k/yr management commission)

Assumptions in the building of a team:


The slide shows the bonus income that will be earned annually based on one of your recruits earning $100,000 income from their controlled accounts. Controlled accounts are the ones generated through your marketing. As the book of business matures there will be more renewals than new business. Let’s assume 75% of the commissions are from renewals and 25% of the commissions are from new business. In this example the bonus for renewals would be $22,500 and $2,500 for new business for a total of $25,000. The point to understand is the bonus income takes a few years to mature. When matured, it’s the most efficient income you will make. Your essentially getting paid for the past leadership and training you’ve provided to launch a new agent. The future workload to get this bonus is mostly encouragement to the agent. There is very little hands-on work after the first couple of years.  

Develop 5 $100k Producers

Earn $150,000 management commission

+ additional bonuses available based on production

This example of 5 agents earning $100,000 on controlled business could happen over the first couple of years or over a long career. The idea of the slide is to understand the possibilities. In real practice, it will not be exact. Some agents will have smaller books and some larger books. Whether you’re hiring several agents a year or just 1 a year. You can project the possibilities. How many agents do you want to develop over your career? For every $100,000 of agent earnings, you’ll make 25k to 30k annually. If you dream big, develop 25 $100,000 earners. You will earn $750,000 to $1,000,000 from your bonus on developed agents, your book of business and your executive bonus.

Year 2

250 new sales x $300 = $75,000

187* renewals x $250 = $46,750



250 new sales x $300 = $75,000

$60,875 (If others write it for you - Concierge Program)

* Renewals based on 75% renewal rate

$271,750 Annual Income

How to make this happen?


1. Develop Marketing Plan FOR YOUR BOOK OF BUSINESS

Generate enough leads to get one sale a day. 

• Average premium = $3600

• Average close ratio = 25%

• Need 20 leads per week



When you recruit and train someone, Orr pays you ongoing commissions on their entire book of business. 

This does not come out of the agent’s portion.


3. MASTERY OF these 5 areas

• Marketing

• Sales

• Product Knowledge

• Administrative

• Recruiting – Are you a MAGNET?

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